Fitness Result warrants (almost) all units. The duration of the warranty depends on the brand and type of the device, and any current promotions on certain devices.

The standard term for our warranty is 1 year warranty on labor, parts and call-out charges. For newer equipment the warranty term is 1 to 2 years, for refurbished equipment it's a term of 1 year, and for non-refurbished equipment it's 3 months.

We do not have our own service department, but use independent contractors. This way we can quickly respond to any issues. Since we have mechanics per province we can quickly be on location, and are the call-out charges lower.  

For warranty cases, we can offer you to use the exchange system. That means if the equipment shows a defect within the warranty period that cannot be fixed on the spot, that you'll get a rental instead for free. Your defective device is then repaired as quickly as possible. This way you won't have to miss your equipment for longer than a few days. Through our service you can optimally meet your customers needs despite a malfunction